Have you ever had someone end what you had deemed as a special relationship for no apparent reason? Perhaps have a deal snatched away from you just when you thought you had bagged it? Or even find yourself running late when you’re almost certain you had it all figured out. Well then allow me to take you on a journey, as I unearth God’s grace concerning our lives. Because that is the answer to the above mentioned questions.

God’s grace is constantly chasing after us, even in times when our own discretion has failed us. The truth is that God knows what’s best for us, and will always find a way to get us out of tricky situations that we thought were best for us. Looking back at relationships, at some point we’ve had people disappear from our lives without any logical explanation. God’s grace removed them from our lives, because at that point in time we were unable to discern for ourselves that this was not it. However there are times when we know exactly who or even what we are dealing with, but just always hope for the best. Is it not amazing and liberating that our biggest protector always has our backs? And will even go as far as protecting us from catastrophes before they even happen. At times we might not even see it, but believe me it happens. It’s like on that morning when you’re running late, and on your way you see an accident that happened a few minutes ago. In that moment you realize that it could have been you, but God’s grace was watching over you.

In Genesis 6 verse 8 we come across God’s grace, when we read about a man named Noah. He was a man who lived among a heinously evil society, but God’s grace was upon him. When God had decided that he was going to cast a disastrous judgment upon the evil society, he sidelined him by giving him personal instructions that would see his life spared. We can all take a page out of Noah’s book, as he managed to lead a righteous life in the midst of all the evil that was around him and the plaguing society. Is it not sad that we often take advantage of God’s grace? Knowing that it will constantly be around. This is what made Noah different, he chose to be found in God regardless of the turmoil that was around him. So let us not abuse God’s grace!

Our salvation would not have been possible if it weren’t for God’s grace. It has made us better people, and has managed to help restore us in our times of need. It gives us the assurance that all will be well and that better days lie ahead, for as long as there is still someone who never gives up on us. In Ephesians 2 verse 8 we learn that it is through grace that we have been saved through faith. Thus it is through His grace that we are able to live for Him.

His grace is abounding, because God remains faithful even in times when we aren’t faithful. In Ephesians 1 verse 7 we learn that He is rich in grace. Grace is a gift that we have received, but aren’t deserving of. It is at our weakest point that we often see His greatness, as He shows his grace by giving us the strength and guidance that we need to get us out of that situation.

Once we come out of those situations we need to learn to forgive ourselves, which is probably one of life’s most difficult tasks. Cause we will constantly be reminded of the wrong that we have done. Whether it keeps replaying in our minds, or is a constant reminder from those around us. We just ought to move on because God’s grace has found us and He has forgiven us. We must remember that our mistakes don’t make us less deserving of God’s goodness. A valuable lesson is knowing your circle and the company you keep, and understanding that not everyone will have your best interests at heart. But if there’s something to learn from this entire thread of information is that disappointments can be a form of God’s rescue. So trust His pathway, because He knows what’s best!