1 Peter 5 : 5b-7  ~  ” God resists the proud. But gives grace to the humble”. Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God , that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.

Is it not surprising how we all know this scripture and recite it often but we seem to forget the depth of it. Our lives are filled with so many challenges and obstacles that we forget that humility and depending on God is the solution to our problems. God specifically says that HE gives grace to the HUMBLE. That is the same grace that has given us the gift of salvation. That is the exact same grace that we cannot live without. Christ shows us what humility is and He does this by displaying His power in contexts that seem insignificant and unimportant in the eyes of men. That is exactly where the grace of God abounds.

Jesus was born in the city of Nazareth, a place where nothing good was expected to come out of. Jesus also came as a man but humbled himself and became a bondservant even though He is the Son of God. Jesus was also a carpenter and many people who followed him pointed out His inferiority in His professional capacity. However with all these ‘limitations or degradations He still performed so many miracles and was wiser than anyone known in His time. How was this possible?.

It was through Christ’s understanding of humility in situations that seem insignificant and of no worth. Christ continued doing God’s will and being a servant till the point of death. He understood the importance of allowing God’s grace abound in humble beginnings and allowing God to lift Him up. Christ did the work of God despite His circumstances and God ultimately gave Him the name above all names!.

Another important question should be raised?. When was Christ lifted up by God?.In due time!. God lifted Him up when He had achieved all He was sent to do in His insignificant circumstances. We all readily recite how God will lift us up but we seem to oversee that God says it is IN DUE TIME that He will lift us up. I sometimes see the haste in brethren who know the promises of God. We all want immediate results and have forgotten that in small beginnings we must do our best and trust God. God says we must cast all our burdens and cares upon Him because He knows it won’t be easy waiting on Him in our circumstances. When we utilise what it is that God has given us in this time we will see His grace abounding as it did in Jesus who was a mere carpenter but did things greater than what was seen in His time. God will do great exploits with our lives when we emulate Christ and become humble and willing to serve God in any circumstance.