Elder Nhlanhla Khambule
Responsible for Elders, and joint leader of the Couples Ministry.
Elder Samuel Mnguni and his wife Phontsi Mnguni
Responsible for special projects



It is understood from scriptures that elders  are the overseers of the church ultimately appointed by the Holy Spirit Himself (Acts 20:28). They alone are said to have the rule and charge of oversight (I Timothy 5:17). They are referred to interchangeably by the use of three terms.

  • ELDERS: First, they are called elders. This is the most common term. It refers to the spiritual maturity of the man and also indicates the respect and honor in which he is to be held (Acts 20:17; I Timothy 5:17; Titus 1:5).
  • OVERSEERS: Secondly, they are referred to as overseers. This indicates his responsibility of oversight and accountability for the flock. It refers to his caring watch over God’s people (I Timothy 3:1; Phil 1:1).
  • SHEPHERDS/PASTORS: Lastly, they are called shepherds or pastors. This indicates his heart attitude as well as his activity of tending to the varied, individual needs of the flock. It indicates his willingness to lay down his life in self-service (Ephesians 4:11).

Note: In Acts 20:17, 28; Titus 1:5-7; I Peter 5:1-3, it can be seen that these three terms are used interchangeable of the same man. It can also be seen in Phil 1:1 where reference is made to the church leaders as overseers without mention of elders, indicating that an interchangeably reference was understood.


Therefore, WORD OF FAITH BIBLE CHURCH has recognized this biblical imperative concerning the role of Elders. True to the bible, we have opted to stick to eldership overseeing the church management as opposed to a church board.

The Following are the CHURCH elders lead  by Elder Nhlanhla Khambule:

  • Nhlanhla Khambule – Leader of the elders and Couples, and serves in the leadership of the Men Ministry
  • Modise Motukisi – Responsible for the Men’s Ministry and leader to the deacons
  • Mohale Masobela – Responsible for the ushering department
  • Samuel Mnguni – Responsible for special projects and beginners class.
  • Samuel Mahao – Responsible for Music and Youth departments
  • Samuel Manyama – Responsible for the Cell Group operations, and serves in the leadership of the Men Ministry
  • Johannes Kutoane – Responsible for the Counselling department, and serves in the leadership of the Men Ministry

As per scripture when selecting married men to be elders, none of our elders are divorcees or have bad reputation with outsiders and are exemplary in behaviour (1 Tim3:1-7 ). These are men whose wives also serve with them in the ministry in various capacities and acknowledge that Christ comes first, then family and church. As the light of the world, when the family unit and integrity is under threat, we believe these qualities to be non-negotiable.