Joshua 5 ( The fall of Jericho)

Is it not interesting that the fall of the walls of Jericho was recorded in the Bible and we now believe that all that were supposed to be learnt from it has been accomplished? However there are still some lessons to be learnt from the passage and it is important to keep in mind whilst we are busy trying to make the most out of what life is throwing to us. One of the remarkable things is that the walls were not facing the opponent for the first time. This means that the children of Israel were not the first attackers to these walls. These walls were quite high and obviously very strong in strength. Why would the inhabitants of Jericho build this type of walls? Because during that time there were wars amongst the neighbouring nations and the Jericho was also getting involved in those wars.

The point here is that we as believers we do face challenges in life and when we turn around we see people who have tried and fail in life. So we do not dare to try for ourselves. These challenges are not within our ranks but rather they are before us. We’ve heard of how the Lord wants to bless us at the same time we do not see those blessings amongst the lives of believers. Let’s look at the walls for a moment. When the Lord appointed Joshua, He knew what was coming along Joshua’s path . When Joshua faces the obstacle in his path he remembered what the Lord has said to him. Everyone wants success but not everyone is willing to face the challenges even if there is a well spoken word of God in our lives. So to gain success or to have those blessings upon us we need to take a step and keep in mind that the Lord does not speak in the absence of adversaries.

Promise land is there and it actually needs people who are willing to take risks head on. Imagine if Joshua decided to take a different approach rather than what the Lord has already given Him? When approaching the desire or a dream in your life, you need to know that there are other people who have similar dreams and they’ve buried them in their minds so if you move forward in establishing yours note that it is possible and it is achievable. So approach the common obstacle with a different strategy because your victory is not going to be like the other people. Joshua did not approach the walls like any other king of that time hence his victory was unique and absolute.

You have God on your side so you won’t fail, but certainly you’ll be challenged and at time it would even give you a signal to give up and forget about the dream. Yes everybody has tried, but you haven’t so learn the approach from the study of Joshua. Firstly operate in line with what the word of God is saying in your life, secondly note that the ways of God looks foolish to the eyes of the people of this world so hold firm to His Spirit (Zar 4 v 6 ). Note something important here when the Lord told Joshua Joshua 1 verse 9 “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

The Lord was not saying these words just to comfort Joshua, but rather to assure him to pursue the Promised Land and not to lose heart even if he sees obstacles on his path. Most of the time this verse is quoted and we use it whilst we do not having something that we do. Here the Lord is saying go for that promised dream and He will be with you all the way. Brethren, let us not fold our arms and claim scriptures whilst pursuing nothing in our lives. The word is not preached just to make us comfortable, but it is declared so that we should impact the world and subdue the earth. We are being reminded of our original mandate and unfortunately that is not going to be achieved by faith alone. It needs action, and action requires complete trust to the Lord and His word.

So one can asked a question ‘what do I need to do in order to overcome the fear of going forward into my dream?’. To answer that we need to look at the provisions in the word. Firstly, we have to literally believe the word of God throughout. The bible says faith comes by hearing ( Romans 10 v 17) so one needs to invest time in the word and be willing to be governed by the word. We must take advantage of what Christ has done for us, He came that we might have life and have it in abundantly ( John 10 v 10). Secondly, we’ll notice that in the same book of Joshua (Joshua 5 v 13), he saw a man and he trusted the message that the man told him. Even at this stage we’ll be having an advantage against any adversary if we take heed of what is being said to us by the servants of God in our midst. Lastly, we must approach God with full confidence knowing that He is our Abba Farther, when we present our cases to Him we should know that He’ll give us all things without withholding from us (Romans 8 v 32).

Let’s take the advantage of what the Lord has committed Himself to do. When He promised that He’ll never leave nor for sake us therefor we can be at peace with what we are doing because we have Him as our backup. He guaranteed us that He is looking over His word in order to perform it, therefore let’s use His word and take hold of what is deeply embedded in our hearts, let the word surround the desire so that He’ll fulfil it in order for our joy to be complete. Brethren we cannot afford to cry forever and believe that only a selected few is destined to be successful, we have the creator Himself living in us we cannot fail.