James 5:13 “Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any cheerful? Let him sing psalms.”

While the worldly person can have hundreds of moods, some in a single day, the bible is clear what moods and vibes the Christian should have. The Christian should either be praying or singing psalms. This is based on the useful and powerful knowledge of the benefits of each state.

Singing psalms when happy

The bible says “God is enthroned in the praises of His children” (Psalm 22:3). Therefore when the Christian is in a state of praise, God’s glory comes down to the Christian. Being enthroned gives a picture of God sitting in dominion, on His throne over the affairs of His child. How many negative things can dwell in God’s presence? None, I think. There are countless stories on the bible where God conquered battles for His children while they praised. The story of Jehoshaphat (2Chronicles 19) and Paul and Silas (Acts 16) shows that God can fight powerful and tangible battles without the Christian even having to break a sweat. Therefore, we can see the benefit of singing psalms when happy and I believe it means that God fights other battles that may unseen and may be overwhelming to the human mind.

Praying when sad

When sad, we don’t have time to moan and groan. It’s time to work, it’s time for reversal and cancellation of things that are not supposed to be. After all, we know what the Word says, so when we see something contrary to the Word happening, we must gird ourselves and begin the fight. We pray in the spirit or with understanding, but in both instances we are calling on the might of heaven for intervention.

We don’t have any other state, mood or orientation to life. We are either praying or praising. Blessed is the saint that can train His spirit to bless the Lord, like David used to remind himself (Psalm 103:1) or be in a state of prayer. This saint would always have God’s might and presence because in victory they are bringing God’s glory down and anytime there is peril, they are also engaged with God. It would mean that God is in constant conversation and relationship with the Christian. Glory, Christian would be in victory always. Shalom.  .